Tonight my heart is full and there is so much that I want to share but I’m am also exhausted so some of it will have to wait. I couldn’t get my brain to stop spinning so I wanted to take just a moment to share an answered prayer.

I have mentioned a few times how difficult my little girl’s case has been. I can’t give details here, but it has been a roller coaster ride that would make the Texas Giant look like a kiddy train. Things are still complicated and there is still much to pray over, but today I received a priceless gift – actually two – and it is solely a result of God answering prayers.

First, today I heard words from a biological mother that very few foster parents ever hear. In fact, in three years of fostering it’s the first time I’ve heard these words. “Thank you. Thank you for loving and taking good care of her.” Wow! Obviously we do it for the kids, not for the thanks, but for a mother to recognize that I really do love her daughter and to say thank you… well, that’s huge. But it got better.

Tonight at 8:23 pm my phone started buzzing. I was putting the kids to bed so I didn’t check it. And then I forgot about it. Two hours later I finally picked it up and found 9 new text messages. Eight of them were pictures of my little BIG girl from when she was a baby. She was just a few months shy of turning two years old when she was placed with me so I missed a lot. What a precious gift for her mother to share these pictures with me. It speaks volumes and I am so thankful.

Disclaimer: I am not normally allowed to show her face here, but she looks nothing like this now so I'm going to risk it!

Tell me she wasn’t a precious baby! This may seem small to some people, but to me, it’s a testament to how God can work in a really bad situation and mend hearts and bind them together.

Blessings from one very happy

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Cathy, Hallelujah! We are rejoicing with you! Photos are pricesless assests. Love you, “Dad”


GOd is so good! She is beautiful!


God is so good! She is beautiful!